We employ the latest drone technology capable of filming in resolutions up to 4K at 60 frames per second and 20 Megapixel stills photography. We will tailor our services to the particular requirements of each project. Apex Drone Photography can produce a polished product using various leading software packages or raw footage straight from the camera. 

Complete Aerial Media Production

Here at Apex Drone Photography we specialise in aerial productions in the South of England. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), more commonly referred to as drones, are tasked with the capture of a wide range of media ranging from cinematic short films, 3D mapping and virtual tours.

In addition to operating with the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority, through holding a Permit for Aerial Work (PfAW), we have a commercial insurance policy covering up to £5,000,000. Commercial ground based photography is also covered by a £1,000,000 policy. Drone productions from those without a PfAW will not be covered by a commercial policy. By virtue of holding a commercial licence, all material produced by Apex Drone Photography can be legally used for commercial purposes from web-based promotion to roof inspections. In addition to standard flight permissions from the CAA, Apex Drone Photography is qualified to fly at night. This gives us the flexibility to shoot footage of subjects that are most spectacular during darkness such as fireworks and light displays.

A Different Perspective