If you have an interest in an aerial photograph, please make an enquiry, quoting the exact location of the property, using the contact page. 

Residential Photography

Apex Drone Photography offer a bespoke domestic aerial photography service. We are more than happy to be instructed to take a series of photos at our discretion, but we will also endeavour to accommodate requests relating to aspect, angle of the sun and even the season. 

An aerial photograph can be a great addition to any home. They illustrate how a property is situated within its environment and can be an interesting talking point. Taken periodically, they can chart how a home and its surroundings have changed over time. ‚ÄčAdditionally, a favourable aerial photograph can assist in marketing a property sale.

A Different Perspective

The majority of homes are situated within congested areas which can complicate flight planning. An example of these complications is that the standard Civil Aviation Authority permissions forbid drones to be flown within 50m of structures and people not deemed to be within the control of its pilot. This is reduced to 30m during takeoff and landing. So if a drone were to take off from a client's garden and fly vertically to 100m, permission must first be sought from the owners of any neighbouring properties within 30m of the take off spot.