A Different Perspective

Pricing Structure

The pricing of a drone production incorporates several elements, many of which are not apparent until more closely analysed. This page will outline some of the main costs incurred together with a basic pricing tariff.

Some of the major outgoings include:

  • Initial and ongoing training
  • Ongoing licence and commercial insurance
  • Depreciation of cutting edge technology e.g. drones & computer equipment (as high as 50% per year)
  • Smart drone batteries yielding 25-28 min flight time each
  • Subscription to flight, editing, mapping and website software
  • The latest drones require ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure their continued flight safety

Each commercial flight is mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority to undergo legally enforceable planning and risk mitigation. Certain aspects must be submitted annually to the CAA and all records can be subject to spot checks. Some examples of the required planning:

  • Presite survey to include reference to: risk assessments, flight maps to establish airspace classification and danger areas etc, Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) bulletins for temporary restrictions, Aeronautical Information Service (NATS) for details of flight routes and contact details of nearby air traffic control units, weather forecasts
  • Onsite survey to supplement the above with information not available from remote inspection such as a recent installation of a crane or power lines
  • Post flight records to include flight hours on drone and distance travelled

Every flight is unique, as is the customer's specification of the final production and our pricing reflects this. The table below shows tariffs for basic flight with no restrictions on flying:

ServiceBasic TariffDescription
Standard£150Up to 1.5 hrs on site, all photos & videos as shot, 5 photos edited, inclusive of travel within 15 miles of base beyond which 50p/mile
Half Day£350Up to 4 hrs on site, all photos & videos as shot, 10 photos edited, inclusive of travel within 15 miles of base beyond which 50p/mile
Full Day£600Up to 8 hrs on site, all photos & videos as shot, 20 photos edited, inclusive of travel within 15 miles of base beyond which 50p/mile
Virtual ToursFrom £300Based on up to 10 ground based views. Hosting & maintenance from £15/month.
Virtual Tour with Aerial ViewpointFrom £400Based on 1 aerial & up to 10 ground based views. 
2D/3D MappingAs Basic Tariffs plus £200Cost varies according to the resolution of the map required, area to be mapped, 2D or 3D product.
Roof InspectionsAs Basic TariffsCost varies according to complexity of the roof and if there are any access issues from trees/telephone lines etc.
Video EditingFrom £70/min of final video
This includes the sourcing of a soundtrack, colour grading, titles and credits.

As stated previously, these costs are indicative only. They will vary according to the customer’s requirements and external factors including restrictions to flight. If a potential client is interested in repeat productions at the same site, for example a monthly video of a property development to chart progress, then a preferential billing rate may be agreed.

We are happy to produce a firm quote for a service once all aspects have been agreed with the client. A 20% deposit is required to make a firm booking. Drone productions are of course subject to the weather and we recognise this. Should the weather not be favourable on the day of a shoot, the deposit will be transferred to a mutually agreeable date.