A Different Perspective

Mapping Solutions

Apex Drone Photography have invested heavily in the emerging technology of drone mapping solutions. Until recently those requiring contemporary bird's eye imagery of an area had the choice of one of a number of, generally unsatisfactory, products. Commercially available free satellite image derived maps, available on every smartphone, are one such option. Their major disadvantage is that the maps are months or years out of date and often of low resolution typically ranging from 15cm to 15m for each map pixel. Apex Drone Photography can produce maps within 4 hours with a resolution of up to 2.5cm to each map pixel. Other, very costly solutions, include purchasing recent satellite imagery or commissioning aerial photos by light aircraft. Recent advances in drone technology and mapping software have made it possible to produce very high resolution maps, within hours, at modest cost. Additionally these maps can be used, quickly and easily, to calculate length, area and volume of mapped objects.